July 6, 2022

How to play on Italian poker rooms?

Introduction to the Italian poker market

The continuous grinders’ seeking for new places to play brought about increased popularity of less famous online poker rooms in the poker industry. We are inclined to believe that it also had an impact on the development of the Italian poker market. The Italian poker rooms are more specific than rooms from the rest places of the world.

What strikes regular players is the fact that they can’t play there because of the local law and government restrictions. The Italian poker rooms are closed for Italian non-residents, including a lot of regular players that you wouldn’t want to bump into. It is worth bearing in mind that the Italian law is very strict for the poker players that decide to experiment with government restrictions. As a result, all players have a hard time accessing this market If you really want to try your hands on Italian poker rooms, you should contact a poker affiliate, for example www.donkhunter.com.

Plenty of players who decide to play on Italian poker rooms appreciate their soft games. Thus, Italians tend to play from cafeterias, i.e a place where you sip coffee and use a local internet caffees with computers which enable you to gamble online or equipped  which gambling machines. Gambling has always been an inherent part of Italian lifestyle. Also, some of the Italian rooms here are available via web browser which leads to plenty of people coming from sports betting or casino games that have no clue how to play poker against someone at your level of skills, sir. One of them is DGB Dollaro Poker – a distinguished poker room is available only in the web-browser version.

On the Italian poker market you will stumble upon big names such as PartyPoker.it, 888.it, Pokerstars.it and iPoker.it. Their European counterparts are in top10 the best poker sites all over the world.

In the last decades, some famous Italian poker players such as Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit, Dario Minieri, and Max Pescatori have won millions of dollars which provoked increased interest in online poker in Italy, many newcomers decided to gamble their money in hope for big winnings.

How is online poker regulated in Italy?

Gambling in Italy is legal as long as the poker room has a licence from Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM). Primarily, they are responsible for the blackout of illegal gambling sites in Italy. Additionally, the Customs and Monopoly Agency constantly try to promote responsible gaming amongst all gamblers.

What poker rooms are available in Italy

Players who have limited trust in smaller poker rooms first should check numerous Italian big names like PartyPoker.it, Bwin.it, PokerStars.it, and skins of iPoker.it Network. These poker rooms offer pretty high traffic, many season promotions and VIP cashback. Another well-established name in Italy is 888.it but we recommend this poker room for players looking for good places to bumhunting due to still pretty low traffic.

The Italian poker market offers a few poker rooms that combine their activity with casinos and sports betting. Among them we can favour Dollaro DBGPoker and Lottomatica.it. Both offer a wide casino and bookmaker offer. As we already mentioned, the first of them is available only via web-browser, whereas the second poker room offers a mobile poker app that allows you to play from every place.

Moving on, Italian poker industry is full of indigenous poker rooms. One of the most famous  poker networks, that operates solely in Italy, is People’s.it. The network has a few poker skins that enjoy great popularity amongst poker players. Despite local regulations Italian IP is not required to play there.

How to play on Italian poker rooms?

Why you should consider Planet365.it

PlanetWin365.it belongs to the Planetwin network and is one of the longest-existing Italian poker rooms. PlanetWin365.it endured changes of law and restrictions that were introduced on Italian market. It should come as no surprise that on PlanetWin365.it tables players come across many recreationals, often called fishes. If you decide to give it a try and play Texas Hold’em or Omaha on PanetWin365.it you will stand a great opportunity to increase your win rate. This online poker room allows gamblers to try their luck at casinos and bookmakers. When it comes to the traffic on PlanetWin365.it players can find here many popular variants of poker, a wide offer of tourneys, spins, and sit and go games. The tables run on stakes starting from 0,01/0,02€ up to 5/10€ per blind. PlanetWin365.it is suitable for players who prefer HU games as well as 6max players. To read the complete 2021 PlanetWin365.it review check https://donkhunter.com/en/poker-room,planetwin365.it,140.html.

How to play on Italian poker rooms?